WhazART is a multi-social Art Platform that provides real-time digital experiences across multiple channels and devices, offering to its Members a full immersive art experience and increasing the art connections all around the world.

WhazART connects Artists to Art Insiders wherever they are: you will be in touch with the largest Art Network in the world, keeping under control all the social networks to which you belong.

WhazART is a powerful tool based on the innovative ArtMatch System©, an advanced algorithm that allows highly targeted connections among all Art Professionals, working through a robotic analysis and accurate matching of their personal interests, professional characteristics, specific expertise and skills.

WhazART is particularly devoted to all new, emerging or not well known Artists in order to facilitate and increase their professional exchanges with with Art Influencers and Decision Makers, establishing successful and profitable relationships into the Art World: all Artists and Art Insiders in the world will be able to search for and find each other not generically or by chance, but only in a focused way.

Through WhazART:

 ● all Artists will be able to search for and find the "key people" for building, promoting, and developing their professional career fast and more easily;

● all Art Professionals will meet the right business partner to increase their business opportunities everywhere in the world;

● all Art Influencers will be able to discover new and promising Talents to be introduced into the Art Market.

Through WhazART you can globally share your content, promote your business, increase your visibility, show your portfolio, look for a new job, sell & buy, make ads, organize auctions or crowdfunding campaigns, create thematic groups and many other activities: all in one place!

WhazART is not only a Social Network, but a powerful Professional Network for all Artists and Art Insiders in the World: an innovative Art Platform for making business and developing their career into the Contemporary Art System!

WhazART is your best resource in the Art World: Social like Facebook, Professional like LinkedIn!