WhazART is based on two different "professional repositories" continuously powered by new Members subscriptions: ARTISTS and ART INSIDERS.

Through the advanced ArtMatch System© Algorithm WhazART is able to achieve higly targeted connection between the professional repositories and their Members, enabling every Artist, Art Influencer, Decision Maker and Art Professional to search and find the key-contacts or the right people inside the Art World, getting strategically their own professional targets in a precise and accurate way. Through similarity relations and specific connections among WhazART's Members and their own professional characteristics, expertise and needs, the innovative WhazART's algorithm allows each Artist, Art Influencer, Decision Maker and Art Professional to identify accurately the potential Business Partner (*).

There are two different forms of membership in WhazART: BASIC and PROFESSIONAL.

"WhazART Basic" account is totally free and enables every user to create the own professional platform: a specific control dashboard to be interactive with other WhazART's members.

Only "WhazART Professional" account allows WhazART's Member to take advantage of all services and benefits of WhazART, because it is powered by the advanced ArtMatch System© Algorithm, that works on three geographical scales: local, continental and global.

When "WhazART Professional" account is activated (or "WhazART Basic" account is upgraded to "WhazART Professional" account), WhazART will get the best results according to user profile and will continue to generate and report new contacts and potential business partners all the time: the advanced WhazART's algorithm provides continous stream of leads to "WhazART Professional" Members in a way that sites like Linkedin and Facebook do not, generating an innovative and fast-growing professional network specifically aimed at all the Contemporary Art operators, a powerful referral online network for all Artists and Art Insiders!


(*) Only for WhazART Professional Members.