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Light art is a form of visual art where the main medium of expression is light. Light has been used for architectural effect throughout human history. However, the modern concept of light art emerged with the development of artificial light sources and experimentation bymodern art. One of the first to use this technique was László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946).

Art critic Hilarie M. Sheets explains that "the interplay of dark and light has been a theme running from Greek and Roman sculpture to Renaissance painting to experimental film. But as technology advanced from the glow of the electric lightbulb to the computer monitor, artists have been experimenting with actual light as material and subject."

A peak of activity in the 1960s saw artists such as Dan FlavinFrançois Morellet creating interior sculptures and installations using diverse types of light: neon tubes, diffuse lighting or fluorescence.

The late 1960's saw the Californian Light and Space group including James TurrellRobert Irwin, and Bruce Nauman developing Light work.

With the emergence of LED technology outdoor lights and rgb controllability there has been an International movement of Light Art festivals outside the art institutions and museums in large city spaces. This was instigated in 2009 by the Vivid Smart Light Festival in Sydney.

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